BUTTERCUP RUSH  30" x 30”   October 8, 2015   


Buttercup Rush is a dive into pointillism, and is a literal mosaic of layered paint particles, juxtaposed more than blended. This was a meticulous exercise in minutiae-—a physical feat of dabbing dabs of paint with the tip of a fine brush, to capture the idea of a field of buttercups The buttercup is a low-growing wildflower with round, bright buttery yellow leaves, and big black-brown centers. I love that buttercups have such vivid, electric yellow intensity, offset by a glossy black "eye", and, while a small flower, can stun and seduce on the scale of a great field.


I also leverage here the beauty of the stripe, dividing this canvas into nine bands, with one smaller band on the top and on the bottom. Two of the bands are more yellow, two more black-brown, and the rest more black still, as if glimpsing buttercups at night. The bands permitted me to compartmentalize three different interpretations of buttercups, each with their own sensation of a color rush, on one canvas.