BEACH ROSES   30" x 30”   June 15, 2013   


This painting evoked the irregular colors of ripe and unripe rose hips on the rambling rose bushes on the sand dunes near Quansoo Beach. What I loved about this painting is that each stripe had its own unique color, and there was no repetition of a colo—while they were all derivative of pink.


But this game had its consequences: I found myself trying to order the ten unique voices of each 'lady' so they had some harmony, and a choir would emerge out of cacophony.


The stripes were sharp, the color fields quite perfect and not gestural like my later paintings. The migration of peach-orange and chalk-white into the stripes dulled the possible cloying sweetness of all that pure pink. The resultant ensemble seemed strangely sober and feminine, mystical and modern.