BEE   30" x 30”   April 4, 2015   


After a considerable absence from the studio, I decided to tackle a third series of paintings around this idea I called 'The Current'—which signifies something moving, faster, turning, rushed. I think that after my second series 'Glamour' I was ready to be more intense, add color layers, and explore real depth (i.e., paint thickness)—not illusive depth. I continued to emphasize brush gesture, by deploying different angles and application of the brush: dragging the paint, angling the brush, using the brush tip, applying more than blending.

I always admired bees for how they expressed a range of energy. For me, they bring a sense of repose as much as they bring a sense of agitation. In the early summer, my dog, Z
öé, and I would sit on the patio and take in our lush garden of marguerites and black eyed susans--ordinary American wildflowers—and intensely observe the bees lazily migrate, from flower to flower. Then sometimes they would rush off in a straight line somewhere out of view. The hot sun, the yellow and black flowers, the yellow and black bees—even my little Zoe is a sort of sable and black—all meshed together in my new painting Bee.
I could feel the current beginning to move.