B  I  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y

"But, ironically, I discovered there was creativity in everything.

I found myself in a career where, essentially, I created beauty

products, which happened to be a true intersection of art and

commerce.  The art world did not own 'creativty', as I had once

believed as a young architecture student. I distilled my own 

style as a business leader, finding myself inspiring others to 

create whether it be in product design, the olfactory creation

of a fragrance, finance models, distribution strategies, or how

to harness the collaborative spirit of people to create great 

business results."


Stelios decided to re-embrace painting toward the end of his

career in business, and designed and built an art studio, which

was an homage to his beginnings in architecture. "My thesis

at Princeton examined taking vernacular architecutre, and 

merging it with modern elements in terms of construction, big

spaces, open floor plans, so that the architecture remained

contextual to its surroundings but relevant.  I converted a Cape

Cod shingle style structure, called the Old Sculpin Gallery, in 

Edgartown, Massachusetts, into a modern art gallery. I did the 

same with my studio, which is essentially a barn in my woods at 

my home in Martha's Vineyard."


Stelios has been painting the past several years, working in oils

in an evolving geometric abstract expressionist style. "For me,

the process of painting is very intimate, quiet, intense, always

a journey of some kind.  I approach the blank canvas with an 

idea, a theme, and usually find that the painting assumes a 

current of its own, that I simultaneously flow with and control."


"The expression of a visual effect is imbued with some personal

emotion, or casual observation of something in the world that

intrigued me, whether it is an idea, a word, a color, a shade of a 

color, a moment."

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