BLUE IRISES AT NIGHT   30" x 30”   July 4, 2013 (SOLD)   


This painting felt like a giant dangerous experiment at the time. I showed strokes of the brush—isolated, single strokes for that matter, bold as calligraphy. I was abandoning my perfect ordered color fields within stripes, and I used the almighty 'black' which can destroy a painting with its powerful pigment.


In the end, I was proud of the alternating grey-blues, one light then one medium, with the bottom one a little greyer so the eye was surprised when it descended the canvas—like a discordant guitar chord to conclude a song, or a darker color as a sort of omen to the advancing night.


Irises are one of my favorite flowers and I was always captivated that they have such a short bloom cycle, and seem almost mystical in their shape, like apostles in the garden. The idea of blue irises blooming at night is very inspiring for me—one of those beautiful secret moments of nature that seem obscenely personal.