CHILMARK POND   30" x 30”   May 22, 2013   


A pond seems to have no current, and expresses placidness better than any nature form I know. The reflection of the sky and surrounding trees in contained still water takes on a life all its own, when viewed as a discrete object of aesthetic scrutiny.


Here I captured the beauty of the subtlety of two neighboring colors—a greenish-blue, a bluish-green—that seized the slight variations of color in a reflection on a pond in Chilmark. Maybe these colors meant moss under the water, or leaves reflected into water, or a semi-cloudy sky re-rendered on flat water? Who knows?


The six stripe painting gave me ample spaces to show variation of the tonal qualities of blue to green, and reflect the idea of long planes of color on the pond's surface. Early in my journey, I found myself getting used to the beauty of painting evoking color and allusions to color in the world—two parallel thought processes. Was I creating a picture or a painting? What is more important? The actual paint, or the allusions it may signify? To be continued.