CORN   30" x 30”   September 1, 2014   


I would characterize this as the last painting in my first series titled 'QUANSOO WOODS'. This first series is a reference to my home in a forest of Martha's Vineyard near the beach, which inspired these paintings with serenity, light colors and allusions to nature.


Corn was an unusually bright painting for me, a gestalt snapshot of opening corn in the sink—lots of bright yellow teeth and leaves turning slick and bright green under the faucet's running water. At this juncture, I was not hesitant about being gestural with my strokes and showing what I was doing with the brush. I settled into these 10-stripe paintings with more confidence—playing with depth, less precise borders, balancing structure against chaos… but still maintaining the slick uninterrupted color fields that characterized my earliest paintings.