CRIMSON HARVEST   30" x 30”   August 9, 2015


This work represents a departure from working within clearly articulated stripes, and is a vast, singular expression of one color: crimson. Rather than making an allusion to something as literal as crimson maple trees in autumn, I think this painting speaks to figurative sadness, contemplation, intensity, lack of resolution, through variations on darkness of color.  The composition is a sort of pursuit of bright crimson against blacknes—a sort of homage to the sense of shifting that occurs with self-discovery.   

Underneath the heavily textured paint, the original stripes live, a reminder of where this painting came from when I started it. To abandon order, to harvest something new, to move the way clouds do and shroud sunlight, to be ethereal and fleeting, in a state of sadness... can become joy in and of itself.