DAWN, DUSK  36" x 36”   February 10, 2016   


Again, I return to my fascination with the passage of time, of the movement of the sun, in this painting. Here is something reminiscent of sunlight coming through a screen of trees at different times of day. I riddled the white and grey pigment with a recurrent use of orange bordering on brown, meshing the orange as if it were crushed leaves, into the white and gray brushstrokes.


When forms of nature compete in their beauty with particles of sunlight, the overall effect is something exhilirating. This feeling reminds me of a moment, when I was in the mountains of northern Québec in the fall as a child, and I witnessed what seemed to be millions of turning leaves bristling in the wind. Simultaneously, the light spangled on the shifting leaves, incessantly, and I was keenly aware of two independent yet interdependent currents--wind and light--passing over and through me.