FOG CRYSTALS   30" x 30”   July 1  >  November 1, 2013 (SOLD)  


Fog Crystals was a struggle of a painting that was re-painted at least ten times. What the hell are fog crystals anyway, except something struggling in my imagination? That said, the absurd fictional idea was nevertheless valid in my artist's mind.


In the end, I loved the painterly result which was a set of fifteen stripes with alternating rich, dense grey and yellow color fields textured with white—very messy and thick and layered. I introduced sunlight into my fog which liberated the painting from its previous morose versions of clichéd grey fog—and liberated me as well from endless revisions.


At this point, I realized my paintings embraced a sort of conversation between order and chaos, a quiet duel that pervaded my exploration of nature—and, dare I say—of human nature as well.