GRIS PARFUMÉ   30" x 30”   June 16, 2015


I was conscious of mixing dirty and sweet colors in this painting, which was composed of alternating stripes of dove grey imbued with clay-brown, with deeper grey stripes punctuated by strokes of light pink.

This painting was a metaphor for the day that I walked to the ocean in a constant rain, and came across brambles of green bushes that appeared blurred and greyed by the inclement weather . Occasionally, some pink-tinged white beach roses would peak out of the greyness; and it would astonish me that such tiny flowers would summon a resistant, inner light—in the absence of sunlight—and be so bright.
If I approached them closer, I would catch the scent of their sharp, sweet perfume--even through the watery air. Walking back home along the dirt road, I was drenched, muddy, and cognizant that it was remarkable to discover something so exquisite and miniature, against the colossal scale of a sky of rain.  Thus, the painting: beauty stuggling out of ugliness, dabs of solace in distress, something aspiring yet unfinished.