INKNESS   30" x 30”   May 15, 2015  


Inkness continued this mindset of expressing myself in painting, as if I was in a rush; it was a bold celebration of bright blues, emboldened by many many thinner stripes which gave the painting its flag-like, celebratory feel. Some of the stripes inlayed silver, while the alternate stripes inlayed a midnight blue... while the background remained a bold cobalt blue, and gave the whole painting its continuity and balance.

Maintaining consistent color tones from top to bottom took a lot of restraint for a painting of so many stripes. The variations of blue reminded me of the beauty of blue ink, which ranged from light to very dark. Ink, for me, is an elixir of paint, actually—something so concentrated that it stains like a tattoo, something so intense that we have chosen this color to deliver our words to paper.