SILVER LAVENDER   30" x 30”   July 6, 2013   


I always loved record albums growing up in the 1960's, where accomplished musical artists would assemble a collection of songs around a theme, which imparted the listening to them with the sensation of a journey, more than a series of  one-shot experiences.


I began my second series of paintings--called “GLAMOUR”—with this painting, and hoped it was the beginning of a journey. The tonality was decidedly different from the first series “QUANSOO WOODS”, as it was no longer related to a particular place but more to a mindset—more urban, more worldly, more dark and exotic.


Silver Lavender started my shift to thinner stripes, using here two colors that are tonally close: a light violet and violet-tinged gray, all fused with a sort of silver. I loved the translucent surface, the sheerness, the aesthetic cohesion, and consistent brush strokes that showed the creation in progress.


This painting was a purely aesthetic indulgence, more about a color ensemble I found tasteful and elegant, than an allusion to a specific thing or experience.