SORTIE TEMPÊTE   30" x 30”   April 03, 2017 (SOLD)   


After a long sail from Antigua to Nevis to St. Bart's through a Caribbean winter storm, I was struck by the intensity of the buckets of wind, and gale force winds that brought sheets of sideways gray rain. Just as intensely, the sun would come out, the storm would seemingly clear, but the waves would be all awry as a response to the passing storm. Thus, deep swells, salty wet skin and decks, under a relentless sun, and bracing for the next passage of rain and wind.

We took refuge in Gustavia harbor at St. Bart's, and this painting came into being: a mesh of bright blue, an homage to sky and clear waters, slick tan à la mahogany decks, grey-to-black splints evoking the storm, white that pricked the canvas, like white-caps from the surf–all in a rushed assemblage of contrasting colors, within my usual stripe format. The French title "Sortie Tempête" means "exiting the storm", which I feel the painting captures as we sailed into the harbor with a sense of relief and denouement.