VALENTINE'S DAY  36" x 36”   February 17, 2016   


Valentine's Day risks being a commercial cliché where (so-called) lovers--old and new--re-affirm their love and affection through an exchange of notes, gifts, flowers, chocolates, and what have you. While painting this, of course, I imagined a deluge of flowers and chocolates and their wrappings, and came to the conclusion that this holiday has made the colors pink and red.....utterly tasteless.


Nonetheless, I took on the challenge of converting my impression of this holiday into something more meaningful and tasteful, using pinks tinged with grey, passages of white, and a column of masculine blue as a counterpoint to the whole sweet visual construction.


The geometric composition, again, is more complex, using a vertical space with a subtle arrow, breaking my usual horizontal stripes, a sort of symbolism of how the "arrow pierces the heart", an overlay leitmotif to my usual exploration of color.